PurePro® Filter Cartridges

PurePro® Filter Cartridges!

Our high quality filter cartridges suit for any standard of filtering system.

Reliable and Stable!

PurePro® USA Sediment Filter

PurePro series 2.5″ diameter SDF cartridges coreless design is an economical solution to pre-filtration for many applications. Used widely as pre-filtration for RO systems and post-filtration for GAC filters.

Also used in applications such as Ice Machines, Film Processing, Beverage, Coffee, Analytical, Wineries, and many other applications.

Item No. Description Qty / Case
03001 PP-10-05 10″x 2.5″ 5 micron sediment filter 50 pieces
03002 PP-10-01 10″x 2.5″ 1 micron sediment filter 50 pieces
03004 PP-20-05 20″x 2.5″ 5 micron sediment filter 25 pieces
03005 PP-20-01  20″x 2.5″ 1 micron sediment filter 25 pieces


Our 4.5″ diameter SDF filters have true step filtration integrated in its design. Utilizing our technology to create 4 separate layers of micron filtration, our outside-in flow allows the outer layer to trap the larger micron particles with a much lower pressure drop.

Step-by-step, trapping the larger particles layer-by-layer, allows our SDF filters a much higher dirt holding capacity than standard spun polypropylene and string wound cartridges.

Item No. Description Qty / Case
03003 PP-10-big blue  10″ x 4.5″ sediment filter 20 pieces
03006 PP-20-big blue  20″ x 4.5″ sediment filter 10 pieces

PurePro® In-Line Post Carbon Filter (04007)

PurePro® Inline Post Carbon Filter (04007):

Utilize coconut sell GAC and are designed to remove unpleasant taste and odors as well as sediment to produce cleaner, clearer, better tasting water. These Granular Activated Carbon filters are easily installed on the water line to an automatic icemaker, Reverse Osmosis System or water dispensing system. Our specially designed spring eliminates the question of bypass. By packing the carbon your concerns of shifting carbon inside the filter is removed.