PurePro® Light Commercial RO

PurePro® Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System!

High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System

A high capacity, low cost system. Perfect for offices or small factory. Designed for commercial and residential application. It is suitable for manufacturing, restaurants, food processing industries, shopping centers, schools and hotels.
Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System reduces the water contaminants that may be present in your water: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium. It improves both the taste and quality of your water. It reduces up to +99% of the chlorine, as well as objectionable odors and sediment.

This RO system can be hanging and saving space in any circumstances of the work place with high water production rate and low waste water ratio.

High performance fit for your need as the model below: