PurePro® Perfect Water System ERO-JA2000

Four levels of alkaline water
One levels of acid water
Built-in auto-flushing electrode
Filter water (non-ionized) – by Reverse Osmosis Water System
Unique post-operation automatic and silent cleansing for extended lifespan
Stainless steel output spout
Sound confirmation every time you select a different pH level
when it used Reverse Osmosis Water System be pre-filter, need not change the filter inside ionizer

Specifications: (Water Ionizer)
Model : JA-2000
Voltage : AC-220 V.
Electricity: DC- 2 A ~ 6 A
Electrolysis Chamber: Area: 750 cm2
Power consumption: 100 – 200 W
ORO level : +500 MV ~ -400 MV
Filtration Capacity: 12,000 L
Dimensions: (cm) 31.5 (L) x 27.5 (W) x 14 (H)

Specifications: RO System (with NF Membrane)
Model: ERS-105-NF300
NF Membrane: 300 GPD(1134 LPD)
Operation pressure: 10 -100 psi
2.2 G Water Storage Tank
(cm) 29 (L) x 42.5 (H) x 21 (W) – system
(cm) 20 (D) x 34 (H) – tank
8 kg – system
3 kg – tank