A3 Instant Heater

Congratulations on your wise choice to this instant water Kettle which is suitable for home and indoor use.

This unit is equipped with an individual IC board control heating system and giving you a instant hot water with energy save concept.

Provide you different temperature of hot water with different volume selection.

1. Three different volume selection fit for your daily operation, 150-250ml, 260-350ml and 360-450ml on your request.
2. Three different temperature option, heat up within 6 seconds, 45 – 55oC, 75 – 85oC and 100oC, fit for mixing milk powder, coffee and making tea.
3. Empty Water protection to avoid heater burnt
4. Double Touch Safety lock for hot water

Maximum Volume:2.7 Liters
Water Flow: 360 – 450 ml / min
Input in AC 220 Volt (50Hz)
Rated Power : 2200 W
Heating up 200 ml to 100ºC within 30 Seconds
Weight: 2.0 kg
Dimensions: (cm) 18(L) X 25(D) X 30(H)
Voluntary Standard : GB 4706.1 – 2005, GB 4706.19 – 2008